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Medical tourism - FAQ's
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1. What information do I need to provide before my medical treatment?

Depending on the case, we will need to see your full medical history, in some cases all x-ray pictures that you had done in the past.
If you had any consultations with a doctor in your country, it would be beneficial to have the diagnosis on your case.

2. Will I be able to talk to a doctor before going on my trip?

Yes, in most cases. If you have any special requirements or medical questions, our consultant doctor will be happy to advise you. However, in some cases you will need to make a visit to a doctor for the primary consultation tête-à-tête.

3. How do I make travel/visa arrangements?

Lithuania is within the EEA. All European Union citizens may travel without a visa. If you are not from the European Union, our company will provide all important embassy information about required travel permission documents.

4. Will I need an interpreter?

Members of staff of the clinics that we deal with speak English, while your consultant doctors will speak very good English.
Should your native language were not English or should you need to translate some important documents, we will provide an interpreter/translator for you.
Therefore you will have no communication problems throughout your visit in Lithuania.

5. Who will look after me after my surgical operation?

All our medical staff is highly qualified and you will stay in a hospital until the doctor is sure that you are able to go home or into rehabilitation. Your therapeutic period will last 2-10 days, it will depend on the type of your operation. All this time you will be taken care of by the medical team and us.

6. When will I be able to travel home after my treatment?

This will be decided by your consultant doctor. If you are advised to rest for a few days/weeks we will make sure that you have a pleasant and restful rehabilitation period at the seaside or at rehabilitation centres.

7. Can I bring somebody with me?

Yes. We strongly recommend someone travelling with you as you will feel more comfortable. We would like you to inform us of your companions before your trip, so we can complete your hotel booking and arrange flight tickets on time.

8. How do I choose accommodation?

Before arriving to Lithuania on your medical trip we will have discussed your accommodation options. We can either do the booking for you or provide you with all required information (telephone number, fax, e-mail, and website) so that you can make the booking yourself. Should you have any specific preferences, please, let us know in advance.