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Medical tourism - Feedback
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  • I have had excellent experience with the odontologists in Lithuania! The quality of their work was great and I don't have any problems with the fillings afterwards and you can't see the difference in colour from the rest of tooth (I have done the aesthetic fillings in Vilnius). Needless to say the price was much lower than in Belgium and the quality of work and service -  much better compared with an adequate provider here in Belgium. On top of that, I have had a great time discovering the beautiful Lietuva thanks to Medical Tourism. It was great emotions from the first to the last day. I would recommend it to anyone!

            Christina B. Belgium

  • ... I had trust in you when I sat for the first time meeting you about my eye correction. You made me feel safe, coming from Ireland not knowing what to expect. You were great, and helped me through lots before and after the surgery for my eyes. I travelled lots when I was there doing stuff and your help was top class...(   )...People here in Ireland are very happy about the way I speak about you and the service there in Lithuania. Many thanks again! Ha, I have happy new sight thanks to you!
           Laurence Loveridge, Ireland